Sexy and Stunning!

It seems often that life can be so busy and complicated. Sometimes keeping things simple is better! When it comes to your Boudoir photo shoot, simple is not only better sometimes, but incredibly sexy! This shot uses shadows and creative lighting to highlight the beauty and sexiness of this radiant woman. She is still slightly covered, but leaves the viewer wanting more…which is definitely the point, especially if you’ll be sharing these photos with a significant other.

Sexy Cupid!

It might be last minute, bur there’s still time to get that perfectly sexy gift for your Valentine! Why not schedule a boudoir photo shoot and we can create the perfect gift with your photos. You will be simply unforgettable with a gift that keeps on giving all throughout the year. You can present your special someone with prints and posters of your sexy self! Celebrate your beauty and inner sexiness with the gift of you!

Sitting in the darkness wearing sexy red lingerie by Las Vegas Boudoir Photographer Orcatek

The Gift that Gives…

Looking for a special sexy Valentine’s gift for that special someone in your life? What could be more sexy than a sexy woman with a hot car! In this sexy boudoir shoot our client choose a pin-up look with her boyfriend’s hot car! The photo shoot was a surprise for him and he got the best of both worlds! Now he can hang up a calendar and poster showing off his incredibly hot girlfriend and shiny hot car! Step out of your comfort zone and do a sexy boudoir or pin-up shoot…with or without a car!

Valentine Bonding!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a fun and playful option to choose when planning your Boudoir Photo Shoot is to include that special someone in your life into some of your shots. Not only will you have some beautiful and sexy photos of you two that will last a lifetime, but you will definitely have a fun time during the shoot being playful and sexy together. It is a bonding experience for the both of you and will be an incredibly fun time that you wont forget!

Sexy Suprise!

Love is in the air! The new year is already moving right along and onto the next special day to celebrate…Valentine’s Day! Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? We have the perfect gift idea for you that he’s sure to love! A Boudoir or Pin-Up photo shoot will earn you extra hugs and kisses when you present your photos to them on that special day. We can print the photos, posters, calendars and even a book filled with the photos you choose. Not only will he be happily surprised, but your photos will keep you on his mind all year long!


Bold and Beautiful

It’s the new year and time to start living life and achieving goals you have set, but most importantly…living life to it’s fullest and embracing who you are. Regardless of your shape or any of the things you wish you could change, start embracing yourself and your strength and your beauty and everything else that makes you unique. Believe in yourself and the beauty you add to the world and those around you. Take the time to celebrate yourself and do something every once in awhile that challenges you and shows you how brave you can be. You are beautiful and strong…and always approach the world with your head held high!



Sexy blonde in lace by las vegas boudoir photographer Orcatek

New Year Confidence!

The new year is almost here! Take a moment to take in all the memories and highlights of the past year along with the not so perfect times. Everything we experience and comes along on our path teaches us more about ourselves, about others and about life. Let this coming year open your heart and spirit and be an opportunity to fully live life to the fullest! Do something that scares you, but you’ve always wanted to try. Be yourself, be beautiful inside and out…and have a Happy New Year!

Girl flashes in this boudoir shot by Las Vegs Photographer

Holiday Cheer!

Holidays are a time for celebration and reflecting on the important things in life. To enjoy time with loved ones and reflect on good times and let go of the rest. Think about the things you’ve always thought about doing and the courage to do them. Celebrate the ones you love and celebrate yourself and your inner and outer beauty. Perhaps plan on doing something for yourself like a boudoir photo shoot. You can have an opportunity to try something that might have seemed scary, but your strength and beauty will shine through. Celebrate yourself and your loved ones and the beauty you add to the world. We hope you have a happy holiday season with family and friends and enjoy the joy of the season.

The Perfect Gift!

It’s not to late to create the perfect gift for for your significant other. Has that special someone in your life been naughty or nice? Either way, if you’re looking for the perfect gift that will make you simply unforgettable to them, we have your answer. You’re sexy boudoir photo shoot will be the gift that keeps on giving! We can create a calendar, book or even posters with your photos…and you get to be both naughty and nice!


The perfect gift for someone who’s been both naughty and nice in your life? The photos from your holiday Boudoir photo shoot will be the one gift that special someone in your life will never forget. We can create a book, calendar or even posters with your photos. It’s up to you if you want to be naughty…or nice!