Aug 15 2014

Fine Art Boudoir

A classy, artistic style is an option for your boudoir photos with a fine art shoot. This black and white style with creative lighting shows off your sexiness while allowing shadows to leave somethings to the imagination.

Fine Art Nude on Brick

Apr 3 2014

Ready to Show

Sometimes it’s fun to show in a boudoir photo.  As a photographer I always like to come up with fun ideas.   This was the latest.

Girl flashes in this boudoir shot by Las Vegs Photographer

Stage One Flasher Boudoir

Mar 3 2014

What’s cooking

When you cook, sometimes things just get a little hot in the kitchen.

Panties fall off in kitchen boudoir photographer photo


Nov 21 2011

Fine Art Nude on Brick

Fine Art Nude on Brick

Fine art nudes make a nice addition to boudoir photo sessions.

Sep 17 2011

The secret world of boudoir

Many woman still think of boudoir photography as something to be discussed behind closed doors only with their very close friends.   But it needs to come out in the open.

Boudoir photography is about sharing the beauty that is in every woman.  It is empowering for women to take pride in themselves and chose to be sexy.  Tasteful intimate photographs bring a special feeling to both the woman and the lucky person who receives them.

More clients tell me it was the most fun they’ve ever had.  They had no idea that it would make them feel so good.  And after seeing the results, that real women are sexy and beautiful, they often come back for more.

Don’t miss out, get your photos now.

Aug 9 2011

Tasteful nude in the Las Vegas boudoir

Stretch Boudoir Pose in Las Vegas

Stretch Boudoir Pose in Las Vegas

Keeping nudes tasteful is key to my boudoir photography.  I my clients like the sexy looks I create for them by doing this.   Here is an example where I use a silhouette to create a sexy nude photo that keeps with the theme.

As I like to say, sexy photos are not about what you show, but what you almost show.  We need the imagination to make the boudoir photos really sexy.


Jun 29 2011

Getting in Close

A lot of the time when shoot boudoir photos one of the things I like to do is to make sure I get in close in the shot.  Sure some think these sexy photos are all about the body, but the reality is that the face is a key part of these photos.  Which is why I like to make it the focus point.

Boudoir in Blue

Boudoir up close

Now the mind fills in the details about this photo.  We know she is wearing some sort of sexy top that matches the tiny bit of the bottoms we see.  The imagination is key to making the photos intriguing.

Great boudoir photography does not need to be about always showing off the body.  The mind will fill in the blanks.

Jun 15 2011

Get Down Nude

Technically she is nude, but the style is referred to as an implied nude.  She wanted to be sexy, but still be modest in her boudoir photos.

Implied nude photo

The Implied Nude

Her arms are carefully place to conceal her modesty –  very sexy and intimate, yet tasteful.  In the end she loved the photograph, is was just what she wanted.

Jun 8 2011

B&W Nude and the Wall

Want to add something different to your boudoir photography session?  Consider adding some fine art nudes.  Sure fine art nudes are not about being sexy like your typical boudoir photo is.  But they are about showing off the beauty of the female body, and that is what boudoir is about.

Fine Art Nudes make Great Boudoir Photos

Fine Art Nudes make Great Boudoir Photos

When you come to your boudoir photo shoot with Orcatek, you will be asked if you want to add some fine art style images.  Do it and you will be glad you did.

Mar 7 2011

Marilyn Monroe and Vegas go together

You can’t help but see Marilyn Monroe’s iconic images when visit the strip in Vegas.  Of course as a boudoir photographer, I can’t help but be inspired by these wonderful and sexy photos.

So the challenge I has was to create an image that would remind you of one of the classic Marilyn photos. It need to be sexy, tasteful and of course beautiful. I chose to do it in the implied or hidden nude style.  This is popular with my many of my clients who want to leave a bit to the imagination.

Sexy redhead on blue sheet by Las Vegas boudoir photographer Orcatek

Redhead in classic sexy pose

I was very happy with how her red hair worked with the blue satin sheets.  The arch of her back is not a comfortable position, but she was willing to go for it to get the photo.

Of course I know I will be refining and creating variants of this photo for a long time.   As with most of my boudoir photos, once a client sees them, they want a personal version for themselves.  So I recreate a version that works for them.  Similar but never quite the same.